1935 Jorden Runt Med Mickey Mouse Swedish trading card #88 Flying with Lindbergh

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This Listing is for a very scarce vintage Disney card from a Swedish series issued in 1935 titled  “Jorden Runt Med Mickey Mouse”.  The card is #88 Flying with Lindbergh


Text on back reads roughly “They are waiting for beautiful weather, which fortunately does not last too long. They fly out of Lindbergh’s plane beyond the still ocean”


The 1935 Alfa Bobbykola Disney series titled “Jorden runt med Mickey Mouse” (translated Mickey Mouse Around The World), series consisted of 150 cards that originated from Stockholm Sweden.

It consisted of a wide ranging collection of images of Mickey global trotting from one country to the next in search of adventure.
(Some cards also showcased his loyal side kick Pluto. )

It’s reminiscent of another series that was produced 2 years later called Mickey Globe trotters. That promotion saw Disney partner with bread and dairy companies to produce branded buttons, as well as the “Globe Trotter Weekly” color newsletter and collectible cards.

The card back displays the Walt Disney Copyright “Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd, limited partnership along with the advertisement “Don’t just ask for cola – ask for Alfa” on back.

It’s a lost Disney find that few have ever seen or heard of but reflected the time and events of that period in history. Mickey was already a global success by that time, it’s hard to image it was over 83 years ago!


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