1936 Rare Topolino Elah Italian Disney Giveaway Trading Card #1 Mickey Mouse


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 Disney fans will be very excited with this new Pre-War Disney Find from Italy. The Premium Redemption Giveaway Trading Card Series from 1936 Topolino Elah!

This listing is Card #1 Mickey Mouse from this rare Collection!


The 1936 Italian Disney Silly Symphonies Series titled “ Collezionisti Figurine Premio Topolino Elah” or for most collector’s simply “Topolino Elah” is a long highly sought after and popular series from Italy that was issued at the time as part of a campaign partnership between Disney & numerous vendors and participating manufacturers that lead to a nationwide contest thru out Italy. This Redemption program created public excitement as consumers hunted and traded with friends and loved ones these early premium inserts that could be used towards great sponsor prizes. One of these great prizes included a trip to the 1937 World Fair in Paris talk about creating consumer interest & excitement!

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Many of these early trading cards were ultimately destroyed by the sponsors once the program was concluded.  As a result, demand for these cards has grown as more and more collectors strive to search for these earlier classic Disney treasures.  Most individual cards are very frequently found with glue stains and or back damage as a result of being removed from albums that have been discovered from this rare time period.

Card #1 offered in this listing, is especially prized by collectors as it begins the magical chase that started back in 1936 and still exist today as collectors strive to piece together a complete set of these rare cards (complete set consisted of 100 cards).

 Condition:VG+ with very good centering, clean front and back, no stains, strong color registration and clean bold font on back.


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