1937 Disney’s C.P.G.M. Concours Vignettes Mickey French Card #80 Mickey & Hoppy The Kangaroo


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Offered for sale is a very rare Pre-War premium giveaway Disney Trading Card from France issued in 1937 from the series titled C.P.G.M. Concours Vignettes Mickey. Translated loosely meaning “Small Mickey Picture Card Contest”.

This listing is for card #45 “Un Match A Trois” (A Match of 3 – Mickey Mouse & Hoppy The Kangaroo).

Mickey’s Kangaroo is a Mickey Mouse short that was released on April 13, 1935. It was the last black and white Mickey cartoon made until Get a Horse! in 2013, which was only partially black and white.

A friend in Australia has sent Mickey the kangaroo Hoppy, who with her pesky son drives Pluto completely to distraction. Mickey wants to train the kangaroos to be fighters, but they end up throwing him in his own hay-baling machine


These wonderful vintage cards were used by manufacturers and businesses as a way to benefit from the growing presence Disney was having overseas at the time.  The premium cards were inserted in sponser products from chocolates, to wine in the hopes that it would bring more consumers to their products.

What better way than to illicit a little old fashion fun and excitement by means of a contest where consumers could get in on some of the fun by collecting these early cards similar to how S&H Green Stamps promoted their products via a reward program here in the states.   Unlike the green stamp program however, consumers in the french contest had to collect 100 random disney cards that were numbered 1-100 and adhere them to provided albums for a chance at great prizes.  The more completed albums you were able to submit the better chance you had at winning bigger prizes.

As such few of these rare Disney collectibles excit today due to the fact that most consumers tossed the cards away after the promotion ended and the sponsers did like wise as well.  Its a long lost part of Disney’s early years that is both historical in nature and part of Disney’s early Marketing incentives. A must for any advanced Collector of true vintage Disneyana from a by gone era.


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