1940 Superman Gum Card #38 The Flames of Doom


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For Sale a vintage 1940 Superman Gum Card  #38 The Flames of Doom in Excellent condition.

The 1940 Gum Inc. Superman cards are one of the most popular trading card sets of all-time. The set holds the distinction of being the first in a long line of releases based on the Man of Steel. It’s also considered to be one of the most valuable series.  The checklist consists of 72 cards with the final cards from the series #49-72 are considered to be short prints.

As such, they can carry a premium over the more common low numbers. Card fronts feature vivid artwork, usually with Superman saving the day. Backs have a lengthy writeup hyping what’s on the front and building up the hero. Its like reading mini stories of the man of steel on the backs of each card.  The bottom boosts a Superman logo and an ad.

Today, the series sells consistantly and has seen is value increase as more collectors and fans lok to add these vintage treasures to their own collections. a great peice of Americana &  pop culture, not to be missed.


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