1949 Captain Marvel Fawcett Trading Card #86 Dr Sivana Captures His Quarry


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This listing is for a  rare vintage Trading card of Dr. Sivana The arch enemy of Captain marvel from the Golden Age of Comics.  Issued in 1949 by the Company FHER, it’s one of the earliest known trading card of this enduring comic book series that exist still today but under the DC brand..  This vintage  trading card series showcased Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, & Captain marvel Jr.  Along with the Marvel Family the series also included Dr. Sivana ad his own diabolical family.

Offered in this listing is card #86  – Dr Sivana captures his quarry!

This rare 70 year old series was showcased in the famous Captain Marvel reference Hard Cover Book “Shazam!: The Golden Age of The World’s Mightiest Mortal written by award-winning writer/designer Chip Kidd and photographer Geoff Spear.  It chronicles the World’s Mightiest Mortal and the rich collection of ephemera, artwork, and rare, one-of-a-kind toys, books, posters, trading cards and assorted rarities that were made available to fans of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family going back to the Legendary Whiz Comics #2 back in February of 1940.

The original series consisted of 144 cards and told the tale of Captain marvel and the Marvel family’s origins along with a very early clash with the sinister Dr Sivana.  This is the earliest know series of cards issued with the approval of Fawcett during the Golden Age period of the 40’s.   The card still shows great color registration, clear text on back and very good corners.  There is aging that can be detected on the back (see scan) but overall still has great eye appeal. Great addition to any golden age collection or  fan of Captain Marvel The World’s Mightiest  Mortal.



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