1977 Star Wars Yamakatsu Trading Card Sighting Artoo Detoo


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This listing is for a rare original Japanese Yamaktsu Topps Bromide (large size) trading card (no#) from a series of 36 cards. This is the Sighting R2D2 card.

Licensed from Topps and produced by Yamakatsu corporation in Japan 1977. This set is postcard sized, and there are 36 different in the base set. There were two different methods of distribution for this set, gamble books and cello packs in a hanging display.

The gamble books would have one card per page, and kids would open one page and pull out a card. In the gamble books, some of the cards were “winner cards” and could be exchanged for a prize. The “winner cards” had red printing on the back that indicated the prize. The gamble books themselves each had a different card glued to the front, so even the empty books can be collected as a set. The hanging displays contained packs of 4 cards, with a cello wrapper. There were no winner cards in the hanging displays.

The card offered along with others from this series we’ll pull from an original sealed rack pack so cards are in original factory untouched condition (see scan). Incredible bright white borders and back. Test is bold and color photography has retained original cover gloss for a 42 year overseas trading card. PSA (Professional Sports Authentication Services) among wjth Beckett & SGC grade this vintage series. Unlike the Topps USA series the Yamakatsu Large series has a very low graded population in contrast to the U.S. edition. A must have for fans & collectors of the original Star Wars series.


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