1980 Muhammad Ali Geo. Bassett & Co. World Record Breakers Boxing Card #261

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This listing is for a scarce Boxing card of Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali (AKA Cassius Clay) from the UK series 1980 Geo Bassett & Co. World Record Breakers Card #261.


The series was composed of 300 stickers that collectors could acquire either by purchasing packs or sealed boxes to complete their sets.  It should be noted the collation of the series whether in pack or Box form left alot to be desired so collectors had to buy numerous packs for even a chance to complete the entire set.  Stickers came in packs of 6 and as uncut sheets of 9 stickers.

The collectors’ album issued by FKS Publishers Ltd. was also issued free with the Tracy comic and also in Scoop from January 30th 1980.

The album itself  consisted of 12 categories: (“The Human Being”, “Animal Kingdom”, “The Natural World”, “The universe and Space”, “The Scientific World”, “The Arts and Entertainment”, “The World’s Structures”, “The Mechanical World”, “The Business World”, “The Human World”, “Human Achievements” and “Sports, Games and Pastimes”).

This card was pulled from a sealed set and immdiately placed in a soft sleeve and then a Sem-rigid Top Loader to preseve its condition (see scans).


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