1992 Boxing Memorabilia by Bill Cayton Paperback Reference Edition


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Step into the ring with all the great names in boxing – Corbett, Sullivan, Louis, Marciano, Graziano, Robinson, Ali and more.  If you’d like to start collecting boxing memorabilia, or find an exciting new direction for your present collection, here’s the perfect guide.

All the collectibles are here- from autographs, and tickets stubs, to trunks and gloves.  Now you can tell the real finds from the overpriced raps.  With informed suggestions and ideas, including prices of the best known boxing collector’s items, you won’t be down for the count when it comes to knowing what you’ve found and how much to pay for it.

You’ll find out about rare items, and what’s wise and unwise to buy & sell.  All Collectors will want this superb knockout guide in their corner the next time they want to acquire a memento for their collection.

Condition: EX state with no spine wear, tears, rips, or strains or writing in or on book.  Minor shelf wear

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