1932 Schoolgirl Weekly Stars of The Silver Screen Greta Garbo Card


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This listing is for a very scarce UK find  from 1932 The Schoolgirl Weekly Magazine:

Stars of The Silver Screen – Greta Garbo

The Schoolgirls’ Weekly (Published from 21 October, 1922 to 20 May, 1939 by The Amalgamated Press) was a companion paper to the perhaps more well known The Schoolgirls’ Own and The Schoolgirl.

The size of this magazine was larger than the SO and SG; in fact, the same size as the later Girls Crystal and the re-published School Friend weeklies. Also, the page content varied over the years, as with the sister papers.

Because the print was small, there was a wealth of reading matter in the serials, complete stories, features, illustrations, competitions, puzzles, advertisements, and general hints, all tightly packed into this weekly paper.


It also seemed to cater for a slightly older age group of girls, as there were also features and career advice for when girls left school.

There were school stories, adventure stories, home life stories, Guide stories, War time stories. Girls in all situations who overcame poverty, adversity and peril, to become heroines in their own right. What inspiration for the young ladies who read these weeklies in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The Magazine company issued 3 different card series during this period of which each consisted of 48 cards.  There was an album that was  issued by the Magazine company called “Stars of the Silver Screen” that was also offered during this time period to hold all three sets.  These cards were given out to readers of various “Schoolgirl” magazines. One set was called Filmland’s Favourites and was issued by Schoolgirls’ Weekly magazine. Another set was called Famous Talkie Players and was issued by “Schoolgirl” magazine. The last set was called Cinema Celebrities and was issued by “Schoolgirls’ Own” magazine. The cards for all three sets share the same design, with a black and white photo of the star on the front with their name underneath, a blank back, and unnumbered. If they are not pasted in the album, they are anonymous cards with no real way to identify that they are from the Schoolgirls magazines.

Original Cards from this period are very rare especially in unglued state.  A most have for any Vintage Movie Star Collector.



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