Original 1958 Superman On The Doomed Planet Sealed Trading Card Pack


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For Sale a Rare & Scarce 1958 Superman  El Planeta Condenado’ by Fher Co. Spain Original sealed pack. A rare DC licensed issue released  for the Fher, S.A. brand and Text is in Spanish. Title translates to “Superman On The Doomed Planet” an adventure that takes him into space to deal w/life on another planet.

The original series back then was composed of 240 cards, each measurin 2×3″ with an image of Superman on the front and a story caption on back.    The pack has the classic Golden age Superman image on front and contains two original cards fom this early series. Early scarce Superman vintage find that is currently graded by PSA with original packs commanding 200.00 & up on such sites as EBay. A must have for the advanced Superman fan & collector.


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