1962 Rover Cup-Tie Stars of All Nations Soccer Card Dennis Law


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Offered in this listing is a vintage Soccer find from the UK offered originally as a promotional giveaway in Rover Comic Magazines back in 1962. The series is titled Cup-Tie Stars of All Nations and the card offered showcases the following soccer greats of that time period:

Bryan Douglas

Jimmy McIlory

Dennis Law

The original fan favorite series consisted of  16 cards + an added bonus plastic wallet that was offered at the time to safe guard the cards that were given as incentive premiums to kids to buy Rover Comics. Each over sized card in the series actually showcased 3 stars on the front with a write-up of each player on the back of each card (see scan) making the complete number of stars showcased at 48 total.
This great find has been wonderfully preserved and showcases, bold Glossy photography on front and clean bright bold text on the back. with no writing, or stains of any type. Condition overall is about EX+ (See scans).



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