Establishing a Collectible Pedigree

As a long time collector of various forms of collectible Americana from Comics, to trading cards, and later in life coins and toys, I was always intrigued by the level of achievements some collectors would reach … Read More

1936 Collezionisti Figurine Premio Topolino Elah

The 1936 Italian Disney Silly Symphonies Series titled “ Collezionisti Figurine Premio Topolino Elah” or for most collector’s simply “Topolino Elah” is a long highly sought after and popular series from Italy that was issued at … Read More

Women in Sport – The Hobby’s Hidden Card Board Treasure

  Women have made incredible strides in the area of sports card collectibles.  Ask most current collector’s to name their favorite female super stars and you’ll quickly hear names like Annika Sorenstam (Golf), Venus and Serena Williams for Tennis, Geraldine Heaney … Read More

Card Collecting in the Modern Era Part I

  A lot’s change in the last 40 years as it relates to the hobby Industry.  Card collecting has seen vast changes both in the offerings that are available, the material used ( card stock, integration … Read More